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Zucchini flowers stuffed (as in Crete!)

Stuffed zucchini flowers, like in Crete!

The zucchini flowers stuffed ... I will always remember the summer and especially the way they prepared them Mrs. Ifigenia Apostolakis in his taverna in Crete, that goodness!

Once arrived on the table, miraculously, all hands stretched toward the tray to catch them. They disappeared quickly!

Clearly I am immediately informed of the preparation, especially how to fill them and then cook them (she makes them baked!), Keeping them intact. The result I got at home, for those who did not try the originals, is excellent. But the ones I ate there were better: maybe I miss the sea air in the shade of the Jungfrau?

For the filling I used the simplest one I use for dolmadakia: the recipe here: filling dolmadakia


courgette flowers






extra virgin olive oil


vegetable broth





Saffron (sometimes I put it, sometimes not!)



Prepare the open lievementi pumpkin flowers, stuffing and put two cloves of garlic pieces in a baking dish.

Fill it with a spoon, gently, the flowers and adjust the petals so that they enclose the filling. Then place them in the pan, where in addition to garlic son were mixed oil, wine and broth. If you want you can add the saffron, it goes to taste.

As one can see from the photos, in this case I advanced was from my stuffing and I took the opportunity to stuff even three tomatoes!

If necessary add a little broth (it should cover the flowers up to half), cover with aluminum foil and place in a preheated oven at 150 ° for 60 '/ 80'.

If, at the end of cooking, too much liquid has remained in the pan (but it should not remain dry), remove the aluminum and leave it in the oven for another few minutes.

These flowers are great both hot and cold (I prefer them warm).


Besides that with a minimum of cooking liquid flavored with lemon juice, you may accompany with the tzatziki (Though little or covers the taste!)


# Anna Mathiesen 2020-01-28 06:04
Definitely superlatives! just the time to take the photo and then they were very welcome and very much appreciated stuffed pumpkin flowers as prescribed good. the stuffing is too much for me, but I'll do more thanks ..