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Diplomatic cream

the diplomatic cream

This sumptuous cream, used in pastry making for cakes and pastries, comes from the union of two equally famous creams.

This is one of those bases that I use often and whose regular basis, I have not documented the preparation step.

I apologize!
... I hope that the notes that follow, for now, are sufficiently explanatory

This preparation, in itself, takes a few minutes ... as long as the two necessary components are already ready!



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Gently mix the two creams together (the custard should be left to cool, stirring often so that no fluid remains).

This cream, however easy it is the temptation to eat it by spoonfuls, is used for the filling of different cakes;
in particular for the homonymous diplomatic cake and diplomatic pastries.

If desired, a softer effect, use the two bases in equal parts.


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  • If you have not thought of yet, do it now: the next puff pastry prepared to use this cream instead of the usual pastry.
    Then you will tell me!