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Classic béchamel sauce at the stove

Bechamel base

What would there be so many cooking preparations if there was no bechamel?
They should be okay but certainly would miss them something; something that makes them special.

Whether for a gratin, as a binder for another sauce or for simple pasta to be baked, the béchamel in the simplicity of its ingredients is a fundamental complement in many preparations.

Of course, in the maximum of haste and, let's face it, of the lack of taste, you could use certain preparations ready.
I the rejection.
And if I miss the time I prepare it more quickly in the microwave (Here the recipe).

But it is not that after all it takes a lot to prepare it in the classic way to perfection, even at home:
a little 'attention and compliance with some tricks and the bechamel is ready for all uses.
I do it well.


XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter






XNUMX cups milk



salt, pepper and nutmeg



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Weigh and measure ingredients and heat the lukewarm milk.
Melt the butter in a double boiler: attention, must not start to cook!
With a minimum of attention you can also melt the butter on the stove, over a very delicate fire.

Add the flour little by little, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon; always wait until it is well blended with butter before adding more.
A homogeneous cream will be obtained.

Barely raising the heat and add a little at a time as soon as the warm milk, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.
The cream must melt completely.

If you want, before adding all the rest of the milk you can go to the use of a whisk: it eliminates any possibility of the formation of lumps (event, however, that I was only told ...).

Continue to cook until the sauce has thickened at the right point.

The quantity of milk is variable, it also depends a lot on the fluidity that you want to get at the end from the use that you will make of it. In any case, before it thickens too much, adjust it according to your taste of salt, pepper and, why not, nutmeg.
The béchamel is ready for use that you will want to do, from a gratin to simple rustic leccesi!

Nice time with your preparations!


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  • For many gratings I use a béchamel enriched and refined by an addition of grated cheese and eggs: when cooked, it acquires a pleasant, soft, very pleasant taste.
    To the above mentioned ingredients just add:

grated cheese





1 or 2

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