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Cooking on vacation:
the basis for the sauce ready for use ...

Cooking in holiday: the basis for the sauce ready for use ...

This year I decided to give myself almost all of June to the sea! And at this point, after having taken possession of the small two-room apartment a stone's throw from the sea, I went to work to be able to cook a bit of everything.

First and foremost, at least for me, is having a good vegetable base for the sauce.
Already at home I find it uncomfortable having to prepare the mince every time: let alone a few steps from the beach!

So I passed by the ortolana, I pulled up a nice leek, a couple of carrots, two stalks of celery and, armed with cutting board, knife and mini-mandoline, after having washed and cleaned the vegetables I started the preparation.

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It didn't even take me too long because I made sure I had a functioning freezer available: the chopped vegetables put in a bag in the freezer and then stretched out, when they are pulled out for use and beaten (still in the bag) with a wooden chopping board they chop even finer!

More or less the system I use for mine parsley always ready.

And the next day everything is ready to make me a nice tasty tomato sauce.


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  • At home, of course, with the food processor I can cut the vegetables into very thin strips which then, with two quick knife passages, become a fantastic brunoise (that if prepared in good quantity it goes also in the freezer down in the pantry ...)