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This Greek sauce made with yogurt, garlic, cucumber and olive oil is perhaps one of the most popular seasonings Greek cuisine.
And it's an absolutely vegetarian recipe.

Always good: served with gyros or, just with fried eggplants; or even alone: spread on bread.
Defining the ingredients to use is very simple: it is more difficult to say which quantities should be used ...
The important thing is that it yogurt is the cast, as in the greek way. And for the remaining ingredients, please measure them out following your taste!


extra virgin olive oil (a little)
dill (optional)
salt (very moderately)


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First prepare the ingredients: the chopped dill (optional, but I like it), crush the garlic and grate the peeled cucumber.
Squeeze the grated cucumber in a colander and keep the liquid aside:
great for facial skin wraps!

Mix the ingredients and add, stirring very gently, yogurt.

Keep cool until ready to use (up to one day).


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  • As a rule, salt and oil, it is better to adjust them at the end, adding them with much moderation! In preparing the photos I put them immediately, so I know my taste: for about sixty years!
  • At will, replace the dill with oregano.
  • A pleasant surprise: try it with fries instead of ketchup!