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puff pastry

pastry dough

When I was a boy and I began to get more and more into cooking, I always got scared when I looked at the recipe for puff pastry. also because I do not remember having ever seen her prepare by my grandmother or others.

With patience I also learned how to do it, but if I find ready and quality, buy it!

A demonstration of how to prepare it, albeit simplified and accelerated, it can read and see in the recipe croissant.

Then, one day, I read that even Allan Bay, in first of his lucky books about cooking and what is around you, as far as puff pastry is concerned, advise you to do like him and buy it from the best supplier available! And I adapt willingly even if, sometimes, I love to prepare it on my own!

I would like to report step by step the article by Allan Bay step by step but I'm afraid it is not possible (unless the writer does not authorize me!)

Basic recipe:


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