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always ready parsley!

 always ready parsley!


In the kitchen, parsley always serves. And it would be nice, whenever it is necessary, to have a fresh bunch on hand; in summer, at least for me, it's not a problem: I go out into the garden and pick it up. And when there's no more in the garden, foreseeing what I will need to cook, I get it for myself by shopping. 

But ... there always comes the time when the parsley, or at least a sprinkling of this grass, is not there. The shops are closed and the neighbor has already used it all to prepare a bowl of green sauce.
I do not like the parsley salt and the dry parsley is too bland. I solve the problem like this. 



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I think most people are already using this system but, you never know, if someone hadn't already thought of it, now he has a possible solution. 

Take some very fresh parsley, one or two bunches, remove the stems and put the leaves in a colander. 


Wash well in running water and then leave it in cold water for a few minutes; then drain. 


Spread it out on a cloth and wrap the cloth in a way to summarily dry the leaves. 


Collect the leaves in a frozen bag, crushing it to let the air out and place it in the kitchen freezer. 


The advantage of storing it in a bag instead of in a jar I think is obvious: it is not necessary to mince it!
In fact at the first use it will be enough to roll and unroll the bag on itself a couple of times to obtain chopped parsley.


Although this parsley is not one hundred percent like the freshly picked one ... it goes very close!