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My Recipes

The recipes that I love as I prepare at home. And all the systems I use to facilitate my life in the kitchen!

Appetizers and finger foods


Appetizers and finger foods, even for something to eat while chatting with friends.



Pastas, rices, rice dishes and other recipes to start with dignity lunch or dinner. And maybe settle and stop there!

Seconds and unique dishes

DSC 0015b

Hard to tell the difference between a second, as a result of a different level, and a single dish; often a good second, if it is well accompanied by various side dishes, can be the main dish, after a good starter and looking forward to a great dessert!



Cakes, pies, cookies ... all good. And even large fruit salads and creams, creams or just a large wafer filled with whipped cream!

Christmas cookies!

... And when November arrives begins preparing cookies for the holidays!

I use them also to prepare the beautiful bags that are then used for gifts.

In my own way

My recipes ... but my way!
to "my way" because it is said that respect than the "classic"; Also because, on certain classic preparations, every village and every family has its "original version"!
They are the ones I prepare at home and sometimes at friends' homes. They are dishes that I liked and I learned to prepare, adapting them to my taste and my needs.


Sauces, mixes and bases

Each has its preferred tomato sauce, as well as the "ideal recipe" for the pizza.
I too have my preparations (and my "secrets" ...), often those that have all ...
There are new, but they are all tested!