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When the sun hits onPlateau.

Classic burgers on the grill!

... and the coals burn at the right point, then it's time for grilling!
What goes on the grill, it does not matter: if they're good!

This time burgers, prepared at home and, logically, placed in a nice sandwich.

In the end it does not need much: some good beef (strictly local and organic ...), tomatoes, onion, salad and gherkins; and finally ... ketchup!
Ketchup today not homemade, like the inevitable sandwiches ...

Ingredients, for four hamburgers:

minced beef g 400
salt and pepper QB
Worchester sauce ct 2
tomato pz 1
onion pz 1
iceberg lettuce leaves 4
gherkins pz 2
ketchup Ad Lib
EVO oil for seasoning QB
salt, if necessary QB


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For starters, remember to take the meat out of the fridge at least an hour before and knead it well with salt, pepper and worchester.
Form four balls and flatten them with your hands (or press for burgers) taking care incavarle well in the center.
Season them on both sides with a little olive oil.

While the embers are getting warmer, clean four leaves of lettuce and slice the tomato and the gherkins.

Then cut the onion into thick slices, season with oil and salt and, as soon as the embers are hot (° 230 / 290 °), put to cook:
to color and soften at the right point will need about twenty minutes (see note).

Pass the burgers over the coals and, if you use the dome, cook them for about five / six minutes per side (it depends a lot on the thickness and temperature of the embers).

In the last minute even toasting sandwiches, already open.

Now you can prepare the sandwich coveted: first a lettuce leaf and then the meat.

So everything else, including ketchup.
The sequence of the arrangement of the condiments can be varied at will, as well as the quantity.

And sometimes, incredible but true, there are people who do not want the onion ...

It closes with the second slice of bread and ... enjoy your meal!


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  • Burgers I've always called them svizzere but, given where I am, I would not give rise to misunderstandings ... LOL
  • If you do not care to center the hamburgers in the middle, they will tend to swell more like almost spherical balls!
    (there are those who for evitar what keeps crushed with a weight during cooking but, believe me, it ruined the taste)
  • Onion: if desired, it can also be browned separately, in a covered pan, for about twenty minutes; but there will be no smell of embers!
  • Plateau: the Bernese plateau or the Bernese Oberland!