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These are my last recipes;
Some of the recipes I prepare for my home and also for friends.
Plates I liked and learned to prepare, adapting to my taste and needs.

Ma ... attention:
my recipes are in my own way and they don't necessarily respect traditional canons;

also because, on certain classic preparations, each village and each family have their own original version!

On this page, day by day, may appear a new or a reworked recipe; but also a tale about a particular meal prepared or eaten with friends.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables (vegetarian recipe)

Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables
(Vegetarian recipe)

My recipe book is full of proposals for stuffed vegetable dishes; and it is already present, for some time, also one proposal with peppers: very rich!

Here, however, I wanted to propose them with a vegetarian filling that often use, very simple, enriched by a final gratin with cheese (Here, the raclette).

It is a dish that, while often prepared, I had never photographed and described: I think it will appeal to many for its simplicity.

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Ragout of asparagus


Ragout of asparagus

When the asparagus season arrives in my kitchen and on the table it's a big party.

And of recipes to prepare them I have already presented some (You can be found here), the most usual ones.

This asparagus ragout is a version a bit 'more unusual on my table but very delicate and, I would say, refined!

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The apple pie from Lorenza
Apple Pie: The apple pie from Lorenza  

My friend Lorenza, dear Signora Foggiana, is an inexhaustible source of recipes.

What sian sweet or savory, all recipes that generously makes me participate and that I immediately put myself to try in my kitchen!

Like this excellent apple pie.

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Terrine of chicken liver


My pate of chicken liver

Will be at least thirty years that I put on the table this paté of chicken livers and I still have not finished to amaze me how fast it disappears from the bowl, accompanied by murmurs of approval.

After all it is an extremely simple and homely preparation.
But with a minimum expenditure it gives a touch of sophistication to the starters.

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