Today in my kitchen!

These are my recipes;
the recipes that I prepare at home and by friends, too.

Dishes that I've liked and I learned to prepare and adapt to my taste and my needs, like this:

Sweet and sour zucchini

Sweet and sour zucchini

There are very simple dishes but they have their own magic, like this:
wherever I am, when I taste these courgettes and close my eyes, I think I find myself on the shores of the Mediterranean, surrounded by the scents and aromas of the sea and the vegetation of the south.

And then ... I open my eyes and to the south I still see mountains that reach four thousand meters!

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But ... please note:

my recipes are my way And it is not said that they respect the traditional canons;
Also because, on certain classical preparations, each village and each family have their own original version!

On this page, day after day, a new or revised recipe may appear; But also the story of a meal prepared or eaten in the company.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables (vegetarian recipe)

Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables
(Vegetarian recipe)

My recipe book is full of proposals for stuffed vegetable dishes; and it is already present, for some time, also one proposal with peppers: very rich!

Here, however, I wanted to propose them with a vegetarian filling that often use, very simple, enriched by a final gratin with cheese (Here, the raclette).

It is a dish that, while often prepared, I had never photographed and described: I think it will appeal to many for its simplicity.

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Ragout of asparagus

Ragout of asparagus

When the asparagus season arrives in my kitchen and on the table it's a big party.

And of recipes to prepare them I have already presented some (You can be found here), the most usual ones.

This asparagus ragout is a version a bit 'more unusual on my table but very delicate and, I would say, refined!

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The apple pie from Lorenza
Apple Pie: The apple pie from Lorenza

My friend Lorenza, dear Signora Foggiana, is an inexhaustible source of recipes.

What sian sweet or savory, all recipes that generously makes me participate and that I immediately put myself to try in my kitchen!

Like this excellent apple pie.

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