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At dinner in Bohemia

The Bohemian dumplings

The cycling holiday proceeds, pedaling pedaling! And since you have to feed themselves while, is also an opportunity to try local specialties: there are many!

Overflight on cakes, I will limit myself for now to say that the rest of the two-wheeler company He not disdainfully refuses ...

But in the main dishes there is always a presence, almost constant: the Bohemian dumpling!
Actually they are different types of dumplings and, although sometimes they have found very similar to those that I prepare too (Here the recipe
), Most are more of the very large and elongated type which is cooked wrapped in a small cloth and then served cut into slices (like external appearance resembleServiettenknödel but the cooking is steamed - the recipe will follow ...).


Some with a predominance of bread and others with a strong component of wheat flour ... but all very good.

These dumplings are an ideal accompaniment for dishes with plenty of sauce, be it stuffed peppers or goulash or a wonderful baked duck, perhaps accompanied by red cabbage or sauerkraut: all to try.