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Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday Cake

For the occasion, I am prepared a small cake: after today, 1 August, I am already sixty years old.

And birthday wishes also to my brother izio which also makes sixty!
And greetings to other friends and friends today as well Birthdays: Flavia, Judith and many others.
And also to the Confederation: today on the Rütli it is already celebrated seven hundred and twenty-two years since that first August of the year one thousand two hundred and ninety-one ...

But I did not use apples for the cake. In exchange, I am limited to one simple shortcrust pastry and base cream for tying cakes fruit to be baked. A little jelly to polish everything and some cherry in a strategic position to remind me how old I am!


Instead of the candles I will settle for the fireworks of the first of August, having dinner on a terrace overlooking the lake.


  • The 1 August, my birthday, It is also the Swiss National Day, which this year celebrates six hundred sixty-two years older than me! Then fireworks in every town and major festivals throughout the country.