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Pizza Party! Sunday May 26 2013

Neapolitan pizza

And last Sunday everything was ready for a small pizza party in the garden: the time clearly was not ready ... but never mind: the house is large and the kitchen as well!
I went to the kitchen counter and, after a small appetizer, with all the ingredients well aligned, I attached to churn out pizzas.

The recipes for pizzas to follow later, the mixes to the ideal cooking (for the house, it is logical - the pizza oven in the garden does not have it all; I do not even ...)


I opened with a simple white pizza decorated with thin thin slices of lard of Valle d'Aosta (I have not even photographed ...) and I followed with the marinara.

just oil (EVO), tomato, salt, oregano and garlic.

A classic Neapolitan pizza could not miss: garlic and go with mozzarella and anchovies!

I preferred to skip the margherita and go directly to a full-bodied tuna and onions, here is much appreciated.

and finally, before dessert, a beautiful white pizza with salt and rosemary oil

like so much to children.

Then, for a change, it was my turn to clean up ...

The dessert was very simple: a large fruit salad accompanied by the Greek yogurt cast homemade and honey.

... and the appetizer?

an octopus Catalan! polpocata s