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The "light" cuisine!

All my light recipes!

In this section you will find my "light" recipes that are gradually published:
Come back often on this page, is constantly changing!

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Before you dive on these recipes, please take a look at this article:
Light recipes: what does it mean?

And here are the recipes:

As you can see, there is no distinction between first and second courses. I would say it is quite logical given that it comes to full meals presented as a main dish.

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But I do not hide the fact that I managed to serve, with guests at home, four different dishes, each in single portion, presenting them as a series of courses ...

Spicy Mezzepenne with spinach and corn

This is a complete dish that has two big advantages: is prepared in a hurry and has an extremely low cost. And it is also good. ...

pesto pasta in a light version!

Perhaps you have never thought but also a good pasta with pesto can be considered as a main dish and even light! Sure: just do not have the heavy hand ...

Pasta and vegetable salad: a snack for lunch

Every now and then at noon, in the break, it takes something tasty and more substantial than two slices of wholemeal bread (the tough one, ...It is a simple big salad with vegetables and shrimp.

Roman cabbage salad and shrimp

This is a simple salad with vegetables and shrimp.
It may seem very poor, at first sight. But we must not be fooled: ...

Chicken with mushrooms with rice and vegetables

One might think that light cooking can not offer boring and insipid dishes; yet, as can be seen from this and from others ...

Couscous with vegetable ragout, light recipe

The couscous is one of those dishes I often prepare, with each sauce and seasoning; whether it's light or vegetarian ...

Stew of lamb and vegetables with noodles

To be a light recipe this is definitely full-bodied and abundant (for my personal tastes the amount of pasta is definitely ...

Tagliatelle with peppers

Of this dish, decidedly light, there is not much to say: light, quick to prepare and very colorful. And everyone likes it; if we exclude non-lovers ...

Shrimp and vegetables risotto

It will be the color and the scent, will be the presence of shrimp, when I put this dish on the table I call the fake paella. It deals with ...

Cod with vegetables and couscous

I always try, at least once a week, to have a meal with fish (maybe even two!).

It is much easier, given where I live, ...

Polenta and cod on Friday

Here is a review, more suitable for light cooking version of a dish that is a classic Friday: cod with polenta! ... This ...

Eastern sautéed spicy beef with ginger

This colorful range of meat and vegetables, accompanied by a bowl of rice to the Chinese (BaiFan), despite ...

Sautéed with carrots, potatoes and meatballs

That's one of the many light recipes that I prepare; dishes consist of a single flow, to be used as lunch or dinner. This ...

Swiss beef with sprouts and mashed Swiss light S

Nothing more classic than having a nice flat in Swiss beef with vegetables and lots of mashed potatoes, served with the sauce cooking. And yet ...

Wok chow mein (炒 麺) with sprouts and beefchowmeinlight S

Whether for light or normal dishes, prepared in the wok are among my favorites, is because I really love Oriental cuisine is because they are usually extremely simple and quick to prepare.

Wok egg with beef strips and vegetables to spices

Straccetti ... a dry egg pasta that returns very comfortable for many preparations for which I did not ...

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