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Spaghetti with marinated anchovies and confit cherry tomatoes 

 Spaghetti with marinated anchovies and confit cherry tomatoes

I had left over, from the appetizers put on the table for friends the day before, some marinated anchovies:
I could have made them out with a couple of slices of bread but ...
I wanted to prepare something special.

And I prepared a nice plate of spaghetti seasoned with a sauce prepared on the fly in a pan!

Also accomplices of the confit tomatoes, also leftover (perhaps I had set the table a little too much for the guests!), A simple and very tasty sauce came out.

Much appreciated by all!


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Sometimes there is no time or desire to publish a recipe in full ...
and perhaps it happens that a presentation is more or less the elaboration or modification of a recipe that has already appeared, in this case the pauction with anchovies, breadcrumbs and datterini.

I present it to you as it was made; without many frills, ingredients and doses, trust me: it's good!

Season the oil with garlic and chilli pepper and, after removing the garlic, add the anchovies with a cherry tomato and capers while in another pan the chopped crumbs are toasted with a little oil.

Once the ingredients have been flavored and the crumbs are toasted, the tomatoes are confit.

Sauté them in a pan, add the spaghetti, mix well, complete with parsley and sprinkle everything with toasted breadcrumbs.

On the plates and off to the table!

Bon appetit!


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