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Cooking on vacation:
the recycling frittatas

Cooking on vacation: the recycle omelettes

Of course, when you are on vacation, you prefer not to devote too much to the kitchen, if only for the heat, at least in the summer.

And then it is worth while, when it is used, to exaggerate with quantities, so that you have something that you can use in a creative way, for another preparation.

As in this advanced spaghetti omelette!In this case it was spaghetti; they could also be pens, after all ...

But they could also be potatoes, zucchini or other vegetables; in short, for a good omelette everything is always good!

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To prepare it, just a little: a pan in which to brown and heat the ingredient basis,
a bowl in which to beat a couple of eggs with an addition of salt, pepper and maybe some grated cheese, and it begins.

A few minutes to firm the eggs poured on the hot pasta and, if necessary, to turn the omelette.
And it's ready!

You just have to sit at the table and wish good appetite!


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  • Of recipes of recycle omelets in my pages you can find different ones, as for example this with potatoes.
    But you can find many others where the omelette is not a gimmick to recover something but an original creation!

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