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Cooking on vacation:
Pasta Zucchini And Shrimps

Cooking on holiday: zucchini pasta and shrimp

Sometimes, cooking on holiday, even a simple and fast, it happens that not all ingredients, or tools, are at hand.

Give up? No way. One arranges to reinvent the missing ingredients.

As in these half-year zucchini and shrimp revisited!

Who the recipe as I prepare it requires half-year-old fish and cartoon ... for the half-year is corrected with normal penne but, for the fish comedy, just, I had to find a solution.

For the rest, no problem: the dish has been tasty and delicate, just as it must be

For the other ingredients I refer you to the original recipe; for the rest, here it is!


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As mentioned above, just the cartoon of fish, on vacation, I do not start to prepare it (after all I'm on vacation!) But I always my supply of fried vegetables that I prepare and put in the freezer at the beginning of my long summer at the beach.

So, to recreate a scent of sea that, in the distance, recall that of the version of the kitchen at home, I put in a pan a sautéed spoon with oil (that EVO from here) and I made it go slowly with a couple of very finely chopped garlic cloves and two anchovy fillets.

When everything was unmade, put the pasta to cook, I added white wine, I let it fade and, a few minutes before draining the pasta al dente, I blew the zucchini cut into sticks, and the shrimp the other aromas;

only at the last moment, before the pasta, the datterini tomatoes in wedges

Adding the pasta in a pan with a spoonful of cooking water, I let it cook briefly over high heat all in a pan with an abundant sprinkling of parsley.

So, before going over the dishes, I generously seasoned the pasta with EVO oil.

The diners appreciated.

If you want to try it, enjoy your meal too!


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  • The final taste, of course, is not the same but, believe me, for a normal palate it is very, very similar!
    I repeat, we are not a masterchef but on vacation.

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