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Cooking on vacation:
we can do it!

on vacation, the niçoise!

This article is dedicated to those who, like me, on vacation, do not like to go every day, morning, noon and evening, at the restaurant.

And he does not even want to be reduced to sandwiches and that's it;
although the excellent sandwiches for a trip are never to be overlooked.

In short, those who like to alternate the cuisine and restaurants typical of where it is at something simple and prepared by itself.

Of course we must also make a virtue of necessity and adapt to make a stove, a pan and a pot enough to be able to put something that satisfies us on the table.

Beautiful salads are always the first solution that comes to mind (last night I put a beautiful table niçoise) and between salads of potatoes and fresh vegetables you can cover even a whole holiday
(alternating the salads with good local dishes, I recommend).

But of course also the beautiful pasta dishes, not demanding but fresh and tasty, are always a well-seen dish, on the table!

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In the coming days I will publish some other pages about it, related to what I'm preparing for my Cretan holiday. So with available fresh products, freshly picked vegetables, an oil to go crazy over and many other local products.

Just to give some examples, then follow the details, who would say no to a nice salad of tomatoes, feta and cucumber? Clearly seasoned abundantly with this oil that so attracts the oil of southern Italy.

Or a beautiful one pasta alla crudaiola rather than one anchovies, olives, capers or a beautiful one pasta with pesto (I have a large vase of basil on my balcony ...)!

Of course we must adapt a bit 'and to contaminate some typical recipes with excellent local products, such as the local pecorino hard ricotta, theAnthotiro. Not to mention a decidedly Cretan product (in spite of the name) like the graviera kritìs (Γραβιέρα Κρήτης), a pecorino to be sent in ticklings.

And now, with some photos, I refer you to the next articles.

For today ... enjoy your meal!


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  • As written above, the classic recipes, for lack of some ingredients, are not entirely adherent to them original dictation:
    ontinuo, for convenience and affinity to call them that.
    Forgive me, please, if I put the local pecorino in pesto and do not use Ligurian oil!

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