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Goulash that passion!

Goulash that passion!

There are many versions of the goulash and I too prepare several of them in my small way.

Of many you can find the recipes in these pages of mine.

And if for once you want to compare them all without having to look for them among so many other preparations ... here is a brief summary of all those published to date.It is an evolving summary, every now and then I try a new recipe, and at other times, from my old notes, one of the old ones emerges, which I had perhaps left aside in favor of another.

So, maybe in a couple of months, you can come back here to check the insertion of new arrivals!

Here they are:

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The beef goulash

gulasch S

Call it what you want: goulash, goulash, or gulyàs (Hungarian): it's always good in the same way!
Certainly a dish of very rustic origins, what was being prepared by the Hungarian herdsmen during long periods of grazing cattle and also during transport of the herds towards large markets.

Cooked over a wood fire in a heavy iron pot, with the most available vegetables and spices; certainly without ever missing paprika, the typical spice of Hungary.

Pork goulashpork goulash S

In these pages is often spoken of goulash, the recipe beef goulash I prepare most commonly to several other versions.

He could not miss the pork, here in its most basic version, and limited to basic ingredients.

Compared to beef it does not require the use of smoked bacon; but in return requires a pork stew that is not so thin!

For the rest, the procedures, which I report step by step, are the same.

Gulaschsuppe, the kitchen of recyclinggulaschsuppe S

When the majestic goulash of yesterday there are only small pieces of vegetables and meat crumbs lost in the sauce, this dish here is that, in a few moments, is reborn to a new life:
here's the goulash soup (Gulaschsuppe)!

A full dish of recycling kitchen ... although it is tempting to prepare a goulash with the sole purpose of having the table this legendary soup!

Szegediner goulash, goulash SzegedinSzegedinerGulasch S

This goulash of pork and sauerkraut, very particular taste and different from what we usually know how Goulash, Named after the city of Banat (now part of Romania but close to the border with Hungary).
We can feel it in every case a Hungarian goulash.

A particular goulash however, characterized precisely by the presence of sauerkraut and pork (today there are even versions of chicken, turkey and veal as well).
But the taste of pork, especially that of the shoulder, veined with fat, is incomparable

The aroma of cumin beef goulash, the recipe of Tim Mälzergulasch maelzer S

This version of the beef goulash, characterized by the scent of cumin toasted and crushed in a mortar, is the interpretation used by chef Tim Mälzer and taken back to her collection of recipes, Home, recently published.

It was presented so well that I could not help repeating it in my kitchen:
it's delicious!

The ingredients are few and the preparation is very simple; the only thing not to forget is that cooking in the pot takes a couple of hours.
So you have to get in early enough food.

Polenta and goulash!polenta and goulash S

A few days ago I presented in the new recipes also that of the goulash flavored with roasted cumin.

He could not miss what for me is one of the most classic presentations with which to offer it. With the polenta!

Chicken goulash with cabbage, light cookinggoulash of chicken and cabbage LIGHT S

My passion for goulash could not be limited by the needs of light cooking, low in fat and calories!

Therefore I could not help but include a version LIGHT of this dish.

The quantity of meat, limited, is balanced by the presence, dominant in this proposal, of these segments of cabbage.


And whatever the recipe you want to try:


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  • Do you also have a special family recipe for the goulash? If you want to propose it, maybe with a couple of photos, I will be happy to publish it (clearly indicating who passed it!)

Your comments are welcome!
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