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My calzoncelli for dinner tonight!

Mediterranean calzoncelli

These calzoncelli (or turnovers, if you prefer) is one of the recipes that I prepare often, both in version only dish that as a finger food (tiny!).

Yesterday, in preparing them for dinner and checking where the procedure was on the site, I realized that the recipe was not there!
I remedied this: here it is!

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They are simple and quick, as you can see from prescription: the pizza dough is enough ..

and quite filling for stuff them.

Then just bake and ...

... serve them hot!


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  • The filling used for these turnovers is also great for pasta, do this:
    just ready, even without the cheese, drain the pasta al dente (ideal for pens), you pour it in the pan and cook everything together over high heat for a few minutes.
    So, out of the fire, it is completed with pecorino cheese.