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Couscous, vegetables and warm summer evenings

Vegetarian couscous

With the hot season the desire to experiment with new recipes or describe habitual still unpublished drops a little bit.

More than anything else for the traffic to get there, with full attention, to photograph and verify every detail while you cook with the utmost care.

But the desire (and the need) to cook is certainly not lacking and we move on to put on the table simple and tested recipes:
as this couscous vegetarian version!

This prescription has already been presented some time ago (found here) And in addition to being simple and light it has the advantage of being able to load a bit 'more spicy to counter the summer heat:
already, even amid the peaks of 'Bernese highlandsThis year, the heat really makes itself felt!

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Let's say that the hardest part of this dish and cut into pieces roughly equal all the vegetables;

for the rest cooks by itself and is quickly ready to be served.

So, immediately on the table and ... bon appetit!


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  • Always worth preparing vegetables for this couscous in good quantity:
    what remains is passed in the freezer and you take it out at the first opportunity!