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grilled polenta

Grilled polenta grilled


La polenta I like it very much, it's no mystery.
I like it served in all ways, as a dish in its own right or as an accompaniment to many dishes.

And if there is any left, no problem: the next day you can use it in other ways.
For example, in the season of grilling, made on the grill.

And, let's face it ... many times in order to have it grilled, I prepare it on purpose the day before!
Preparing it is not difficult: starting with the few essential ingredients.

Ingredients for two persons:

flour for polenta g 100
water cc 500
salt cc 5
EVO oil to grease the slices QB


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La polenta advanced, if still lukewarm, put in a container, possibly rectangular or square, pressed well and left to cool.

The next day, half an hour before using it, it affected the tile into slices about one centimeter.
And, as soon as the embers are hot (let's say at the temperature required by the other dishes that are going to be cooked), the slices just greased with oil on both sides should be placed on the grill.

To have a polenta with a crispy crust but soft inside a quarter of an hour in all is enough, turning it halfway through cooking.

Depending on the temperature of the embers, of course, the timing may shrink or stretch.
But not by much.

Here it was grilled along with some nice bratwurst:
with a small addition of mustard in the dish it is a perfect match.

Even when the slices don't come out perfectly, that's no problem:
grills are good anyway!


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The recipe polenta is the usual one you find here: recipe

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