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Guests at the stove:
chicken tandoori by Nimmy

Tandoori chicken Nimmy

Sometimes - rarely - I leave some of my selected guests to go to the stove to prepare a specialty that is not part of my usual recipes.

This is the case with this chicken tandoori, Complete with all its contours, prepared by Nimmy Sunday!

For a long time Nimmy had committed herself to making us try real Indian specialties cooked by her at home.
And he kept his word!

La recipe is that secret of his father, reported separately.

For cooking, however, the charcoal grill fire was used on the terrace.
And the cooking time has been increased to 40 'having not used (out there is not...) Cooking with the grill from above.
Nor did I have a tandoori.

It has been prepared as well!


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The chicken pieces arrived in my kitchen already marinated, because the marinade should last at least a couple of hours.
And as soon as they arrived they were placed in the baking pans to put on the fire.

First of all, cut and slice the vegetables, the cooking of the lentil cream began, which, if I understand it well, is called Dal Makhani; very tasty and spicy.

And, while the cooked chicken pieces in the grill dome, is also preparing the condiments to accompany him.
A sauce made with yogurt and cucumber (very reminiscent of it tzatziki) and the well browned onions in the pan.
There are also some lime and a generous amount of chopped coriander.

Halfway through cooking the chicken pieces, turning them over and seasoned with a little butter.

And, at the end of cooking, the chicken was left a couple of minutes directly on the grill to dry any excess moisture (having been cooked, in this case, in unperforated pans).

The chicken pieces, arranged on a tray are covered by well browned onions in the pan, from coarsely chopped cilantro and sprinkled generously by the lime juice.

Now everything is ready to be served, accompanied by cream lentils, yogurt sauce and steamed rice (the same preparation of the Baifan with the addition of a little butter at the beginning of cooking).
Not having the rice cooker can also be replaced with a simple one pilaf.

I would say that this dish speaks for itself!

As a dessert, small pieces of sponge cake covered with a mango cream and accompanied by one Chantilly cream freshly prepared.

And I would say that enough and progresses!


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  • Nimmy has used for this chicken tandoori the family recipe that I report as I was headed by Joseph, the Nimmy Dad! (click here).
  • Tandoor, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: a tandoor (taːnduːr) or tandoori (tandoˑori) is an inverted or cylindrical bell-shaped clay oven. The tandoor is used for cooking in India, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in almost all of the Middle East and South Asia. The heat of the tandoor is traditionally generated by coal fire or wood burning at the base of the oven itself. The food placed inside the oven is thus exposed both to the heat of the living flame, to the radiated heat that heats the air, and to smoke for possible smoking. The temperature inside the oven can reach 480 ° C, and it is common practice to keep the oven on for long periods in order to keep the temperature suitable for cooking. The tandoor oven is a sort of union between a ground or underground oven, and a flat brick oven. It is used in the Middle Eastern kitchens to cook typical dishes such as Chicken Tandoori or Chicken tikka, or many of the local bread varieties such as tandoori roti or naan.