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Chinese sweet and sour lemon sauce

sweet and sour lemon S

With the start of the new year I decided to inaugurate these pages by inserting a couple of recipes in the section of Chinese cooking and of oriental cuisine in general.

The first course is a dish served with a sweet and sour lemon sauce alternative to that known by everyone:
Il fried chicken with lemon sauce!

An ideal dish to serve with the classic BaiFan, steamed Chinese rice.
Later on I will also present several variations of this sauce, both in preparation and in use.

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And I have also included a preparation of which I have always continued to postpone the publication:
the preparation of Chinese rice noodles, The famous Rice Noodles.

And other surprises will follow gradually; without neglecting the rest.


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  • Waiting to finish the selection of the photos, I can anticipate that very soon will be available also the whole sequence on the preparation of the chicken with peppers jumped in the wok with rice noodles.