Lots of jam?
Let the tart!

Tart with plum jam and peaches

The preparation of homemade jam stock proceeds booming.
The other day I finished preparing so many little jars of plum and peach jam and I decided to test it, just passed a few days, for the preparation of a small tart.

And to make it first sliced, I made it rectangular.

The recipe for the dough is always the classic (Here the recipe), ideal for jam.

I had already prepared the night before to have it available when ready to use it.
It was enough to quickly spread it on parchment paper and then pass it into the pan to fill it with jam:
a nice jar has left!
Some little strips of short pastry advanced for decoration and off in the oven!

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Let's face it: the hardest thing was being able to take pictures of the cake:
As soon as it has cooled down it was quickly devoured

A little bad; having only used half of the dough, tomorrow maybe I'll do another one!


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  • The recipe for the preparation of shortbread and tart are on the site: click here!