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Steak and potatoes!

Grilled beef steak with baked potatoes

Or, to be precise, bisteccona beef grilled and baked potatoes.
Nothing better to take advantage of one of the last warm evenings of late summer to dine in the garden with friends

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Clearly baked potatoes They must be as I say: crispy outside and soft inside.
And the steak must be exclusively prepared on the grill.

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The important thing, for the success of a grilled steak, in addition to a proper thickness, is the marinade: in this case I used the same marinade that I usually use for gyros and souvlaki (the recipe for the marinade) and I left it there, at room temperature, while I was dedicating myself to cooking potatoes.

Beef, from organic breeding, has been left to hang from the butcher's shop still attached to the bone for a suitable time.
Then, as soon as the grill reached 250 ° I grilled the meat quickly: a couple of minutes per side.

And so ... immediately on the table!
Without forgetting to decorate the dish with some tomatoes in the garden; both the red and the green varieties.

As always, I would say, the guests have been more than satisfied


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  • Fundamental, as soon as the meat is on the plate, season it with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil!