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The rules of the 2 rice home: BaiFan (白饭), white rice to China

Bai Fan

When it comes to Chinese food, for just about any dish you want to prepare, you can be assured that there will also be the bai-fan; or Chinese steamed rice, Chinese rice tout court or white rice.
Always served in a single bowl for each diner. 

It was a simple accompaniment to other dishes or the basis for another plate, such as for example the Cantonese rice, This preparation will never be lacking.

It is important to remember that as also a rice like arborio guarantee a good result, the ideal is to use a long-grain rice such as basmati, possibly in the variety that smells of jasmine; I often I use it too a long-grain rice grown in Italy: the carolina.


basmati rice








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For this preparation, which is made into the pot for cooking rice or in a traditional pot there is a fundamental rule regarding the proportion between rice and water: to 4 5.
That means for every four parts of rice take five parts of water; Here for example I mentioned a hundred cc rice volume. (About one hundred grams of weight) against one hundred and twenty cc. of water.

Measured water and rice, rinse several times the rice with cold water until it runs clear and fired:

 if you use the rice cooker dedicated just put rice and water mixed together in a container, cover and turn on the unit.

When the pot will signal the firing occurred can serve rice on the table or sgranarlo and season with a little olive oil for later use.

  • In the case of traditional cooking, adjust as follows:
  • put in the pot rice and water
  • Put the pot on the stove and cook over high heat until you start to boil
  • Cover and reduce heat simmer for ten minutes
  • After the ten minutes turn off the heat and let stand in covered pot another ten minutes

At this point behave as for the rice cooked in the rice cooker!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • NB the ingredients do not indicate salt, deliberately: there goes! This being an accompaniment to rice dishes already accompanied by a salty condiment or a base for other dishes, it must not be salted or otherwise seasoned.
  • This rice is the fundamental basis for the Cantonese rice and other preparations that involve fried rice in a wok with other ingredients. For these preparations prepare rice before and let it cool after well grainy.
  • If using a rice cooker of recent production, you can prepare the rice even an hour before and then leave it in the pot lit: in the pan cooked automatically switches to warm function (check the individual device instructions).
  • The rice cooker pot allows with a special basket, the cooking of small quantities of steamed dishes, simultaneously with the cooking of rice.
  • See also: East and China - 中国 菜Cantonese rice, chinese cuisine.

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