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Pasta and chickpeas lady Annina:
the traditional recipe of Mercury home.

Pasta and traditional chickpeas

Presenting long ago the recipe of my pasta and chickpeas quickly I cited the unforgettable pasta and chickpeas that a neighbor of mine was preparing half a century ago.

A son of this lady - Mrs. Annina, to be precise - in the passing that my memory has run bothered, in consultation with the sisters, let me have the original recipe.
I have taken up and redone here: recipe and processed photographed.

The original recipe, as it was transcribed to me, I report it as follows.

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Fulvio Hello, I finally managed to make me say from my sister's recipe chickpea soup that their memory was Mom.

Thee I explain as best I can, if you ask the questions.

Soak the chickpeas at least since the night before.

Prepare separately a vegetable stock containing in particular celery and carrots
(not potatoes, which will be added later in the soup).

Fry with onion, fry just enough to soften
(less than browned).

Add the vegetable stock made before and the chickpeas removed from the soak:
It is important that the chickpeas are cooked in the broth.

A big mistake would be to cook the chickpeas aside, throw away the water boiling and add it to the broth boiled.

Then add potatoes cut into small pieces and fennel (better if wild fennel, fresh) and cook everything together.

Please note: a particular taste of mother's chickpea soup that the two sisters both distinctly remember is that of fennel.

A purpose of the potatoes is instead to make the soup a bit 'dense.

Renza remembers that at some point in the cooking, to give a little more color and flavor, sometimes mum would add one or two ripe ripe tomatoes, which when cooked were then removed from the skin.

It seems that usually mom did not add pasta to this soup.
In the case he used small quantities of Ave Maria (Kind of fingering).

Renza, who greets you, sent me over to the recipe that I have already sent you, of which you know the text, these further clarifications:

(I would add, even if it is trivial, that the quality of the basic ingredients is fundamental for the taste of any dish).

In vegetable broth also I put onion, parsley and basil and, why not, to make it more tasty, also other vegetables like zucchini, leek and fennel, which will enhance the flavor of the soup.

I would avoid the vegetables with a too strong taste, which would take precedence over others, and vegetables that would release too much color, such as red turnips, spinach, herbs, etc ..

In the preparation of the broth I would also put the tomato, so that by filtering the broth, seeds, peels, etc do not remain in the soup.

The fennel cut into small pieces, the fennel and the possible potato must be added at a later time, because they have different cooking times.

At the end of cooking, when you adjust the amount of salt, you can also add a little bit of organic vegetable nut, if the soup is not as tasty as we'd like.

The kitchen (unlike pastry, Ed) is not an exact science, everyone adapts it to the result he wants to get at that moment and to the ingredients he finds at home when he puts himself on the stove.


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