Pellegrino Artusi pasta margherita

The margherita cake

Reported as published (photo separately ...)

Having one day, my poor friend Antonio Mattei of Prato (of which I will have the opportunity to talk again), eaten in my house this pasta wanted the recipe, and immediately, from that industrious man he was, bringing it to a greater degree of perfection and reducing it very fine, put it on sale in his shop. He told me then that the meeting was such a sweet that almost did not make lunch for those campaigns that were not ordered. So people willing to open a path in the world seize any opportunity to try their luck, which, although sometimes dispenses its favors on a whim, never shows itself never friend to the lures and poltroni.
Potato flour, grams 120.
Sugar, powdered, 120 grams.
Eggs, n. 4.
Agro of a lemon.
Beat well well before the egg yolks, sugar neck, add the flour and the lemon juice and worked for more than half an hour the whole. Mounted finally clear, add to the rest of stirring gently so as not ismontar the flakes. Pour the mixture into a smooth and round mold, ie a proportionate pan, buttered and dusted with icing sugar and flour, and place in the oven immediately. Sformatela icy and sprinkle with powdered vanilla sugar.