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Simple dhal lentils,
Indian vegetarian cooking

Dhal lentils

In a very poor diet high in animal protein lentils they represent, in Indian cuisine, one of the main vegetable substitute for this fundamental component supply.

The one presented here is perhaps the simplest version (and simplified) of this dish in many variations ... of color, consistency and flavor.

It ranges from the puree to the soup.

And the names vary according to the quality of lentils (there are dozens) of spicing and cooking.

This I propose is a very simplified version and is suitable as a side dish or as a separate, possibly accompanied by rice or another.

As always I promise to publish as soon as the complete photographic sequence of preparation:
this time I did not make it to cook and take pictures at the same time!


first part
lentils g 100
water cc 500
sale QB
turmeric ct 1
Chili pepper pz 1
second part
extra virgin olive oil CT 1
medium onion pz 1
cumin (v. Note) ct 1
sale QB


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Put the lentils in a pot with cold water.
Turn on the heat and bring to a boil.

If necessary, to boiling, skim the surface.

Add the salt, turmeric and, depending on taste, the chopped chili.

Continue cooking just letting it simmer in the pot open for about fifteen minutes:
the liquid must evaporate without drying completely lentils.

Apart pour the oil in a pan and sauté over high heat the sliced ​​onion along with the cumin.

Add salt and coloring well the onion, however, being careful not to let it burn absolutely.

Add the onion to the lentils and serve as a side dish to another course or simply with a rice Pilaf or the baifan.

Bon appetit!


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  • Cumin: cumin (Cuminum cyminum) not to be confused with caraway (Kümmel - Carum carvi).
  • The spelling of Dhal It varies from text to text: Since or Dahl or even From to.