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A roast pig on the terrace ...

the bacon in pork

The weather forecast was for Sunday (July 7) a splendid time: the ideal time to get out and test the new engine for the grill spit.
Saturday I have been made the cut at the butcher's a nice piece of fresh pork bacon and then I set to work to prepare a beautiful housewife porchetta (Here the recipe)

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In the garden I have a beautiful fennel bush that, for the porchetta, albeit in a reduced size, is the fundamental thing; and garlic and rosemary never fail!

In the afternoon I prepared and tied the whole thing and I left it overnight in the fridge to insaporirsi.

In the morning, early, I prepared the spit, I turned on the heat and, for the ten-odd, the pork was ready.

Wrapped in aluminum foil I put it to rest, waiting for lunch.

I also wanted to serve a beautiful one pasta amatriciana as first but, given the consistency of the main course, I folded on spaghetti with tomato sauce!

And as a dessert, slices of melon accompanied by strained yogurt mixed with honey ...


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  • This pork was prepared on the spit, indirect heat but you can also prepare it in the oven with an equally good result!
  • The homemade porchetta