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Couscous on the table!


Today, just to change, I decided to put on the table a couscous, very simple but beautiful colored: always gives a touch of color to dinner!
The ingredients were all in the house and so, after a short time, the dish was ready; and, with semolina couscous from ready, it gets really fast.


Onion, courgette, pepper, carrot and, moreover, add more. The chickpeas, those yes: they must be many. And then the spices: theharissa, ras el hanout, Turmeric ...
Among other things, in my magic freezerI also had some lamb's meatballs ready and spiced in the right place: they went together to perfection.

Soon, prepared the necessary to take detailed photos, I put a couple of recipes (recipes section) of condiments for the couscous (one of which is absolutely acceptable for vegetarian friends who reproach me for all my meat preparations ...).


  • Ras el hanout: Ras el hanout is a mixture of spices and other plants of Maghreb origin that is now found in many supermarkets. As for the curry (to which this is the North African answer ...) there are several versions. In general there are always nutmeg, clove, mace, anise, turmeric, cinnamon, rosebuds, lavender, pepper, ginger, pepper, cardamom.
  • Harissa: The harissa is a sauce, prepared in a mortar, mainly based on garlic, chilli pepper and olive oil; there are several types, even in tubes, in almost all supermarkets and grocery stores. In particular in large cities with a strong presence of people originating from the southern part of the Mediterranean basin.