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Sun in the garden: small barbecue in the garden!

Swiss grilled

After the wind and rain of recent days, who welcomed me to return here from vacation in Thun, not counting its own on a beautiful sunny day; and so I had prepared a special program for my grill.

But, given the wonderful weather, I jumped on a bike and ran to the minimarket always open to get the necessary for a couple of beautiful Swiss (century hamburger...).

Some beef, onion and spices and chop it all off with the blades of my mixer; and in the meantime the grill fire revived itself well.


Some thin sliced ​​vegetables, some bread, some house salad ...

... the Swiss grilling well and, towards the end, even the bread and ...

... here are some magnificent sandwiches ready.


  • Strawberries with cream, for dessert, have been deserved icing on the cake!
  • This is just an episode of what is happening around my kitchen, the recipes are always there (when I had time to insert them and to document them photographically, comme il faut, in recipes section!)