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In Greece, the gyros (γύρος)

In Greece, the gyros (γύρος)

There is no tavern or stand, in Greece, where is not served gyros (In greek, γύρος); from a distance, on the vertical spit, you can recall the best known, by us, kebab (or even the Turkish shawarma). The main difference is that this is almost always based on pork and is prepared by hand. And generally in the tavern is served on the plate, accompanied by pita bread and all the necessary ingredients to pack, if desired, also the typical bundle!


Clearly in street stalls it is served, freshly prepared, wrapped in bread.

The slices of meat are left to marinate with various spices and then stuck on a vertical spit (I've seen some, very artisanal, also prepared on horizontal spits ...). As the meat outside cooks, it is cut thinly (obtaining so many tiny strips of meat) and served with tzatziki, fries, slices of tomato, onion and pepper.

The portion served on the plate in the tavern is definitely a full meal but, in the light version served in pita bread, is a great snack.


  • As soon as I to have nice constant time in the garden, I'll invite some 'robust dall'appetito friends and prepare again in the garden (very impromptu, on the horizontal spit, type kontosouvla). Preparing before even the bread first to be heated again on the grill flame.
  • At that point I will publish also my version of this dish accompanied by all the pictures of the preparation (and the smiling faces of those who'll be eating).