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On vacation: Tuna pasta and spices
(last moment)

tuna pasta and aromas

This time I found myself at dinner time without any desire to go to the tavern and with a few things in the kitchen ... but fortunately some things usually never fail: for example pasta!

And then a little 'tuna in oil, garlic, oregano, capers, olive oil, anchovy ...


I had not even a mortar with pestle. But with the handle of the juicer and a bowl I crushed garlic for good with other spices, I added the tuna and I put the whole, raw, into the bowl ...

As soon as the pasta came to cooking I drained it and immediately added it to the rest; a nice mix and away in the pot!


  • Soon the detailed recipe (in the section Primi)
  • There is not even to think about the doses: it is really a dish where you put everything to your liking; if I had it at hand, even a little rosemary would have been wonderful.
  • Among other things, the sauce is prepared while the pasta is cooking and, since there are no other cooking to make, a pot and a bowl are all that is needed.
  • It is not even necessary to step on the spices in a mortar: a little 'ability to chop with a knife and the end result is still a hit.
  • I confess: at lunch, in a tavern overlooking the beach of Giorgioupoli, I had made some beautiful lamb chops on the grill accompanied by chicory, boiled and topped with oil and lemon ....