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The kokoretsi - Κοκορετσι

kokoretsi S

Il kokoretsi (Also known, in the Balkans, as Kokorec), It is a preparation of entrails, usually lamb, spicy and strung on a horizontal spit and linked closely with the animal's intestines to keep them together. Then cooked long.

In traditional Greek cuisine is a dish reserved for holidays NB but, in the summer and in the tourist areas, it is often found; more easily on Sunday.


The one pictured here (Sunday) was also prepared with pork parts.

Can remember, albeit in a decidedly version extra large, the gnummareddi Puglia!

A must try.


Affectionate frequents the site and now also un''amica (we exchange recipes and Christmas cookies) told me about a Sardinian preparation almost identical: he knows trattalia, and he also sent me some splendid images: it's the same thing! And it is certainly just as good!

NB: Typically, in traditional Greek cuisine, the great meat dishes are part of the festivities kitchen; only the most important holidays in many cases. Today the well-being and the arrival of tourists convinced that Greek food is only made of great grilled meat, bring to present these meat dishes in the daily menu!