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This is also a snack (or an appetizer or a snack) that reminds me of beach holidays in Crete.

To prepare it you do not need much: an egg, feta cheese, spinach, spices (dill or oregano and parsley) a little 'puff pastry and is immediately ready.

I prefer it hot but it is also good cold, maybe to be used for a picnic.

This preparation, as we can see, is very similar to that of the gods tiropitaki from which it differs for the filling and, in this case, also for the shape;
but nothing forbids you to do it in another way.


puff pastry






cooked and minced spinach






dill (or oregano and parsley)

ad lib

EVO oil or beaten egg (optional)



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First, crumble the feta cheese with a fork and mix it with the egg, the spinach, cooked and chopped, and the spices.
Roll out the pastry, cut into discs about ten centimeters in diameter and distribute the filling.

Close one end on the other, forming triangles; with the help of the back of the prongs of a fork to tighten the edges well and create a small decoration.

If necessary, brush the spanakopitaki with oil or beaten egg before baking for 25 'at 190 ° (lower heat and ventilation).

When ready place them on a grid to cool for a few minutes. Hot are great!


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  • Nothing forbids to distribute the filling to little piles well spaced on half of the dough, cover with the other half pressing well to separate the piles and to divide the whole squares when cooked.
  • An alternative to these cakes is the preparation of a "spanakopita" in a round or square pan; in the same way as a savory pie. Or, as seen in another recipe, using this stuffing for one savory strudel with spinach!
  • In addition to the puff pastry you can use, if you have them, the pasta filla; or even very thin bread dough.
  • A more tasty filling can be obtained with the addition of an onion: finely chop it and dry it in the pan; at the end of cooking add the spinach, let it cool and mix with the other ingredients as indicated in the standard recipe above.
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